If you’re trying to build habits that last, then you should consider not to flunk on your routine whenever you face an obstacle or have the need to watch some hentai. Getting out of your comfort zone is not easy, it takes courage, discipline and willpower, eventually your new routine will become part of your life and you will learn to get better at it.

So, in order to identify possible obstacles in your new lifestyle think of these unexpected travels that some of us need to do. Maybe these constants or occasional trips are due to work duty, or family business /responsibilities. Even those trips you make to give yourself a romantic getaway with your partner, we recommend you, and your partner to watch some porn videos in websites like pornoplus.fr 😉 ; these can be an issue if you do not think of a strategy to deal with it when the time comes.

Let’s think of some tips or strategies you can implement if you want to stick to your healthy routine through thick and thin.

1-  Set a Reasonable Goal

Take into account that if you’re traveling, your routine has been altered; so, you need to adapt to the circumstances. This means that a one hour and half daily workout might be unrealistic. Besides, don’t kid yourself into thinking that you are not going to take the opportunity to explore, have fun or meet people while you’re away.

Instead, think about a 20 to thirty minutes workout in your hotel room. This goal is entirely realistic, and it might help you stay motivated during your trip. The truth is today there are many people adapting workout exercises to people that travel a lot or do not have enough time to do a full workout during the day. Take advantage of professional bloggers who are sharing their work online such as Jackelyn Ho for instance. This fitness instructors have a full workout session in hotel rooms that will come in handy.

2-    Take a look at this workout

Start with a warm up, this way you will not hurt yourself in the middle of your routine. Do two or three exercises such as jumping jacks, try 25 to 30 repetitions. Other great warming exercises are bodyweight squats, push-ups and lunges. However, even though these seem simple, don’t be fooled by appearances. Execute them by the book and you won’t hurt you knees, or your back. If you try doing these three exercises in a row, then you’ll have a great warm-up that could take you up to 5 minutes.

The next part of your routine could be 10 repetitions of One-Arm Luggage Rows, you can use your suitcase as your weight. Get creative and fill your suitcase with your stuffs, then lift it over your head and do it two or three times in a row. Don’t forget to put your feet hip-width apart before you begin.

If you like that exercise, try another one with your luggage, grab it by its ends and pull your elbows back toward your rib cage for a row and repeat 15 times. If you have more time, you could do inverted rows by using the desk in your hotel room and repeat it for 15 times.

If you want to have a workout exercise for you backed for a professional in the area, it wouldn’t hurt to ask for a consult to a trainer who knows how to adapt a wide range of exercises for your personal needs. The idea is not to lose momentum, once you’ve started to follow a fitness routine the challenge is to keep going through obstacles and discourage. Otherwise, if going for a consult is not your thing right now, then consider reading  fitness websites as nerdfitness.com or watching youtube channels such as Bowflex or Howcast. You won’t regret to be informed and take advantage to those 20 minutes a day.


There is a rising trend of women going on adventure travels by themselves. Either with their best friend, sister, mother or alone, women have let go of the stereotype that frowned upon “ladies” travelling on their own. Thank you, modernity!

However, as unfortunate to say as it is, women can still face many more dangers out in the world than men. Many countries have laws to prevent girls from voting, choosing their clothes or marrying who they want, and when entering those countries, you must do as you see. Which is why we have some special tips for women travellers, to enjoy and stay safe throughout their entire journey.

1. Do your research

As obvious as it may seem, many of us still make rookie mistakes and end up booking a hotel in a sketchy neighbourhood or a plane ticket that arrives late at night. These simple things often imply a certain level of risk for women travellers, since they can easily become a target if they walk to their hotel during night-time, or if they are spotted on a bus ride and then walking with a suitcase to find their accommodation.

If something like this happens, do not put yourself at risk, and spend a little more money on your safety. Maybe book a hotel with transport to and from the airport or take a safer ride instead on venturing through the city alone.

Research also includes looking up the local language, currency and culture, to see if you need to stop by a currency exchange office beforehand, or dress with a specific code as well as the polite customs and a few local words to get around your destination.

2. Trust your instincts

Women are particularly perceptive, and if something does not feel right, trust your intuition even when it seems silly or paranoid. If a cab driver is asking strange questions, or you feel like someone is following you, act quickly but naturally. This means, change your route, enter a store or coffee shop until you calm down or approach someone you think that might help you.

Instincts have to come with common sense. Although that sounds like something your parents would tell you, it is true. Do not get drunk or leave a drink unattended, do not trust people too easily or leave your belongings with anyone. Also, choose a well transited road and a busy hotel to stay in.

Specially avoid situations where you can be exposed, this is, never accept a ride from a man you don’t know or trust or follow anyone to far away places. It is never a lot of trouble to be cautious, but not being cautions can cause a lot of trouble.

3. Keep your things safe

Many destinations are crowded with pickpockets or con artists just waiting to prey on tourists. To avoid having your most precious things stolen, be extra careful. For example, do not carry all your cards or cash with you -you can take a fair amount of money to use during the day and leave the rest locked up at the hotel, along with your passport, and a backup credit card for emergencies. 

When travelling to a country with few internet access, phone reception or ATMs, try to keep a part of your money in your wallet, another tucked away in your underwear and a credit card in your socks or bra. All these small actions are in case you lose or get your bag stolen.

Make sure that when travelling by bus, train or plane, you never leave your valuables (phone, laptop, camera, jewels or documents) in the checked bags. Always take a small crossbody or pouch with you and your most important things.

If possible, it is highly advisable to hire insurance for your belongings and yourself while travelling. You never know if you will be caught in a situation when you need it, but if you do, it will be better to have it than not, trust me.

4. Blend in

Try your best not to look like a foolish tourist wherever you go. In some places, it may be acceptable, but in many others, it is just a silly way to attract unnecessary attention to yourself. If you are going to India, wear baggy clothes or make sure to cover your head, arms and feet, or when going to Mexico City avoid wearing slippers and shorts and dangerous neighbourhoods.

You are not always going to look like a local, but it is important to respect their traditions, and more importantly, to look confident. Do not walk with your phone map and act all lost, it is better to ask for directions or maybe stop at a restaurant, check your map and continue on your way.

5. Let people know where you are

As inconvenient as it may sound to an intrepid and adventurous traveller, this is a great tip that can help you even in the smallest situation.

If you won’t have cell phone reception or coverage where you are going, get a local SIM card for your phone so you can text your parents, friends or boyfriend at least once a day and let them know your whereabouts and if you are okay.

Your phone can be a great ally, since you could send someone your live location and ask for help in case you feel threatened. Finally, let your hotel receptionist, Airbnb tenant or someone local what time you should be expected or when you will get in touch, just in case you don’t, there is a person looking after you.

To sum up, have fun but be alert! This rule applies for every single traveller, male or female. But as women, we should always be a little more careful and a little more prepared, to enjoy a wonderful trip and to face any challenges that may come across our way.

When you think about travelling, how often do you think about your travel companion? Whether that friend, family member or boyfriend will have the resources, time or money, and will agree to go wherever you want to. Or, how many times have you had to follow someone else’s travel plans?

If this sounds familiar, you should probably consider going away on your own. It may seem daunting and challenging, but what is really stopping you from going to your dream destination? Here are five reasons to encourage you to go on the incredible solo adventure:

1. It makes you let go of the comfort zone

If you feel like you have reached and impasse in your life, maybe work has become too dull and nothing seems to lift your spirits, making the decision to travel can make all the difference!

Apart from actually getting you out of your comfort zone, the experience of travelling alone will change your mindset completely, since it forces you to meet people who speak a different language, eat an entirely different kind of food and make a ton of decisions you wouldn’t normally make.

You will learn to be more spontaneous, take more risks and enjoy every single moment, even the dullest ones. After that, no comfort zone will be suitable for you anymore. 

2. You acquire massive problem-solving skills and creativity

When you find yourself in a complicated situation on a far away country, there will be no choice but to find a solution. From the flight getting cancelled, losing your wallet, missing a train or choosing where to have dinner, every problem will turn easier as you learn there is nothing to fear. All the skills and abilities to get yourself out of trouble are inside you, ready to be discovered.

Your backpack broke and can’t afford to buy a new one? = Learn a new skill with the hotel’s sewing kit or give a shoelace a whole new purpose.

Want to take a photograph and no one is around? = Make a tripod out of your bag and your cellphone.

Many things will happen to you while on a trip, do not let any of them discourage you and get creative!

This can also apply if someone starts to ask suspicious questions, just let them know you are waiting for a friend or meeting your very tall and dangerous boyfriend. There are no limits to where a little creativity can take you, just explore it and apply it to all other aspects of your everyday life!

3. Face yourself

Believe me, there is no better way of getting to know who you really are, than when you are alone. Most of our lives are spent surrounded by others, getting advice on what to do, the best way to go, etcetera.

But having the experience of being alone will make you aware of the strengths and weaknesses inside you, giving you tools to exploit the things you are best at and to work on the ones that fail you. If you are shy and scared of talking to others, travelling alone will change that by opening up a whole world of possibilities; if you are too reckless maybe you’ll learn that some prudence sometimes saves your life.

Also, it will force you to acknowledge your individuality, loving and living with it. And when you discover who you are, then it is easier to accept and respect others for who they are without judging and to no longer care about other people’s expectations or approval.

All of this can boost your confidence about 1000 percent, you’ll get back home and look at it with different focus, because you discovered how to manage stressful situations, talk to different types of people and most importantly, learnt to embrace the unexpected things that get out of your control and how they can lead to the most amazing experiences.

Living and learning from different cultures, seeing how people live in all parts of the world opens your eyes, makes you patient, empathetic, flexible and grateful for all the blessings you have.

4. You get to REALLY experience the destination

On a regular trip you would be on a bus with a bunch of tourists, hopping on and off at the most important sights at the will of a tourist guide. But when you go alone, that can really bring a different sense of the place, you get to talk to local people and ask for the best restaurants to eat, or the off-the-beaten path attractions.

Walking can get you a long way – both literally and figuratively – since there are many hidden bookstores, coffee shops and picturesque that would normally go unnoticed if you moved in a different kind of transport. Even the smallest things as having a cup of coffee watching the sunset can make the best memories. And the best of all, no one will complain about your itinerary!! You can choose to spend a whole day in a museum or wake up late if you want.

Enjoy getting lost on purpose and take advantage of that long-lost sense of direction you had stored in your head. Eventually, you’ll be richer, not with money but with experiences that will last longer than a lifetime.

When the satisfaction of a well-travelled place hits, nothing, not even money or material possessions will ever seem enough. If you learn that “travelling light” is also a lifestyle, all you are ever going to need are more experiences to fill your memory book.

5. Become an expert in photography

Last but not least, travelling alone means you have to use all your skills to take that perfect Instagram photo!

Composition, lightning and the perfect gear are going to become your best friends on your journey, because every experience traveller says: document everything. Whether it is for your travel blog, video blog, Instagram profile or just to show off with your friends, a picture is worth a thousand words. You don’t want to miss the perfect shot just because there is no one to take it, and these photographs will become the best souvenirs anyone can get.

Do not be afraid and take the risk, there is nothing to lose and a whole world to gain.

Whenever we travel, there is a complex process behind it to make every experience as perfect as possible. Most people would like that buying airplane tickets, booking hotel rooms, transport and packing, were things that could be avoided or done by anyone else, so we could just enjoy the trip itself.

Here are some tips that will make your life easier and save you a lot of time and money.

Plan ahead

First, you must decide which time of year is best for you. When going on holidays, we often do what everyone else does, which is, travel on spring, summer or winter breaks. However, these times of year are the busiest for most cities around the world, therefore, hotel, transport and entertainment fares are higher during these periods that any other time of year.

You should put your priorities in order. What is more important to you? Are you on a tight budget? Do you prefer enjoying the breaks from school to spend with your children? Do you enjoy warm or cold weather when you travel?

Ask yourself these questions and you will be able to choose: 1) a destination, 2) a season and 3) a budget.

If you don’t mind the crowds on your favorite holiday destinations, you can try booking your hotel and buying the plane tickets in advance, the perfect time frame for this is from 4 to 6 months before the set date, where you will find less elevated prices and availability. A great option is seizing discounts and promotions such as Black Friday or Cyber Monday, since some airlines are taking over those “holidays” to offer incredible deals on plane tickets.

But if the holidays are not a must-have for you, choose the off-season, it is always cheaper and crowd levels are low, which means less time spent waiting in lines and more time to enjoy your favorite painting in that busy museum you like, or sitting on a bench in a park that would otherwise be flooded with people getting their best selfies for Instagram.

Remember: The internet is your best friend.

When you’re browsing through all the accommodation options, always choose breakfast included. By booking online, there are deals with breakfast for a couple of extra dollars, much cheaper than adding it last minute once you check in at the hotel. It will be a lifesaver if you are either on a tight schedule or a budget, and you can always take a fruit, yogurt or bottled water for when you need a snack later in the day, that way you avoid very expensive breakfast charges and save your money for a good meal in a place you actually like.

Another thing you can plan before your trip is getting the entrances for all the things you want to do. For example, some museums around the world offer special prices for online tickets, and you can save a lot of time because you will not have to wait in line to buy them. Just be careful, many online tickets are time-sensitive, which means you have to be there at a certain time if you want to make it valid. If you are still a student, you can buy your tickets online with a discount, too, just don’t forget to bring your school card in case you are asked to present it.

Big touristic cities such as New York, Paris, London, amongst others, have the option of a card with tickets for all the must-see attractions at a special price. They are usually a little expensive if you don’t take advantage of all the entrances, but if you are new to a place and want to visit it all, this is a great choice. Buy them online too and just pick it up once you get there!

Finally, make friends with Google maps. Optimize your itinerary, define your route depending on how far or close you are to a place. For example, visit the closest thing first and then move farther away or begin at the furthest destination and then start getting closer. That way you won’t end up wasting your valuable time by running around in circles all over the city. Also, download the offline version map of the places you are going to visit so you do not end up wasting battery and your phone data, because you are most definitely going to use the map to figure out bus, metro or train routes to get to your destination.

Travel light and be open

This should be your new travel mantra. Travel light and be open.

Although I know that sometimes, the nature of the trip does not allow you to travel with a carry-on suitcase, “travelling light” is more of a state of mind. Having less things to worry about or knowing that you can live five days with the same pair of shoes is liberating. It allows you to be present and enjoy every single moment of your trip.

Moreover, if you go on a long journey, maybe 20 days travelling all over Europe, you probably think the suitcase is supposed to be huge. But these trips are the ones when you are going to wish you brought a smaller bag. Imagine going around five countries with a huge suitcase and a backpack, having to transport that luggage all around airports and train stations, through metro rides and hotel rooms. Having to unpack and pack each time you go to a different place hoping all your souvenirs fit and that airlines do not charge you for the extra weight.

The best advice you are going to hear is: travel with the essentials. Do you really need a bathing suit just in case there is a pool at the hotel you know you are never visiting? Or gym clothes because you are obviously working out on your holidays? There is nothing wrong with these items if you are going to use them, but if you don’t, there is no need to carry the extra weight.

If you travel light means you are ready and open for everything that might happen, because most likely, nothing is going to go the way you planned. And that is okay.

You are going to have the best trip of your life.

This is the name of a book written by Carol Mangolis, a woman that flies to work. The book was published in 2012 and people as Jack Canfield described it as a bible for business travelers regardless of how many trips you do in a year.  It is indeed a great book that educates employees, self-employees or business people who chose to travel instead of closing deals over an email, a phone call, a video conference or at cam4.

Carol emphases that business travel is a multimillion-dollar industry and that the people who work in this industry need tools to go through this lifestyle without having to lose their sanity, family, relationships or their health. Many of her tips and work are also directed to companies, organizations and governments that have business travelers as employees but don’t have the best organizational platform to deal with what business trips entails, which are travel safety, compliances, taming travel spend and traveler retention for instance.

In this article some of her tips she shared in her book are going to be briefly discussed and see what positive consequences these might have on millions of people who fly to work every week.


This is the number one item to be conscious about when you have to take on a trip. It does not matter if the trip is long or short, or if you are a business person who travels twice a year, safety must always come first. Take into account that you are going to go to a place where you don’t know anyone, you don’t know where to run in case of an emergency and you don’t know how’s the dynamic with simpler things such as transportation or healthcare services. So, your best ally is always planning ahead. Do some research about the place you’re going to travel, and the places you’re going to visit. If possible, know the emergency exists, keep at hand important emergency contacts, find out about how safe the hotel and its surroundings is to know if you can or cannot be late in your hotel entry times.


Another important item to tackle is compliance between employees and corporate travel policy. Generally, firms or corporations have a travel department and if you are their employee, it’s your responsibility to know their policies. These include, airlines, hotel, car rentals etc. There are agreements between hotel chains and certain firms, the same goes with airlines and car rentals if you are traveling by car. Business travelers need to be mindful of the tool the company offers to make your work enjoyable and less expensive.  Also, being aware of these policies do help you make a better choice, if you are applying for a job at a certain firm, so it’s a big red flag if your work will entail business trip but the company does not even have a travel department.


This is more related to employers, how to keep out burnout cases that would force your employee to leave the company. How to take car of your business travelers and help them deal with time for family, kids and family time? These are important questions to ask yourself when you have employees who fly to work. Many of these business travelers do not have important information or tools to stay healthy or live harmoniously and lovingly with their husband or wife due to traveling schedules, or long working hours. So, at the end of the day the company is affected when their employees decide to resign.

Many companies and employers decide to add frequent vacation periods a year or add a family trip a to one or two a business trip a year. These strategies are effective to retain your employer who is also adding value to your company and your business. Many other plans can be made to keep in mind your employee’s relationships.

As you can see, tips like these ones are important in order to meet the needs of a multimillion-dollar industry that is increasing, therefore it has become a very important column to a the EEUU’s economy.

When someone talks about being smart, it generally means that appropriate decisions are being taken after considering several options. Also, it means that the person adopts the right attitude in different circumstances, so when we talk about Smart Woman Travel, we are talking about decisions, considerations and attitudes.

How can a woman be smart when planning occasional trips or even on her recurring traveling events? The answer is she can be both smart and assertive if she takes into consideration her motivations, her goals, prep time and people’s experiences. The last on that list not only can answer a lot of questions during prep time, but it can also lead to a learning process when considering other travelers’ strategies to show respect to the culture that is welcoming you in.

So, here are some tips to consider to be smart when traveling:

1.- If You’re traveling solo

Is not secret to anyone that solo traveling is getting trendy and recurrent, in a big country such as the United Sates research shows that 60% of Americans have traveled solo or are considering to. So, if you are getting close to share that number then there are some stuff to consider.

First, if this is your first time doing a solo trip you might know by now that is a bit challenging, in consequence, prep time becomes extremely important. What I mean by prep time is also time to do some research about your destination, which leads to reading about the culture, avoiding dangerous countries for women where being alone without a man can be a serious issue. Then, go to more practical but important items such as the exchange rate, take a look at your phone plan so you can use it outside your country, and you avoid yourself the trouble of being out of signal all the time.

On the other hand, if this is not your first solo trip, then you know the drill already, but that should not stop you from being smart and consider all your options. Remember to be prepared to be safe as much as possible, keep the local contact emergency, share your itinerary with people you trust so they can know where you are during the day and learn from your past experiences; this translate into pack lighter this time, for example.

2.- Save Money

You can enjoy your trip even more if you can consider your options and chose the best one according to your budget. One of the things you can do to save money is to book in advance. Consider travel seasons as expensive ones so take a look at the plane tickets in six months in advance, or even a year in advance if you can! You would not believe how much money you could save by even booking flights on holidays seasons from six months to a year in advance.

Again, remember that looking at experts-approved travel bloggers who have been doing trips for a long time, is a very smart move. Many of them share their practical traveling gear advices such as how to choose and differentiate a Personal Item luggage versus a Carryon. They would also share their destinations and their experience on important tips such as the cities transportation cities, local great restaurants and tours they take.

3.- Get to know convenient tools for traveling women

Let me explains you why this is important, as women we love to have different outfits, different footwear options and we also like to take care of our skin when we go in long walks. These needs need to be properly addressed with tools made specifically for women. Let’s take travel backpacks for example, if you are taking a long trip to Africa you need a resistant backpack that will help you keep your back safe. One good advice on this matter is look at backpack reviews and see how they have worked for women in their past experiences, think of Osprey, North Face and Granite Gear as useful brands that have very good products.

If you are lucky enough to have great people in your life with whom you can celebrate many of your happiest moments, then perhaps it would not be a bad idea to think of giving back. It is well-known that a surprise party is definitely not easy task, but at the end of the day your loved one is worth the effort. So, in this article I am going to give you some tips to think about if you ever find yourself thinking of planning a surprise moment to celebrate.

Here comes the Tips…

1.- If Possible, Take Your Time

I know that this is easier said than done but, even if you don’t have much time to sit and make calls the truth is that if you plan as much details as you can, it will pay off at the end of the day. So, write a list of the essential people who need to be there, where will the party take place, what type of food you are going to offer, what platform you are using to send the invites, what would be the dress code, and most importantly, who is going to be your partner in crime to pull this off?

Trust me, write them down and add the people who will help you make it all happen. Checklist are not to be underestimated, plus it feels pretty good to cross them out and move on to the next one. You know how that feels.

2.- Think of one person to plan this with

This is crucial, planning a surprise party on your own might not be the best move. Think of where are you going to store all the party’s stuffs, who can help you talk to people related to your loved one while you make sure he or she are distracted enough, and last but not least that someone will help you to invest more time in the whole planning process even when you don’t have it. An important extra tip will be choosing someone who is close enough to your loved one will get you closer to success.

3.- Situate Yourself at the day of the party

Visualization is a powerful weapon, it allows you to set your mind on the event day and ask questions that can be solved ahead. So, every time you are going through your checklist and you think of something else to add to that list, think how is that going to make it to the surprise party without giving anything away and meet a specific need?

Start with a parking space for example, how can you make sure everyone parks their vehicle in a safe, conformable, and concealing way? Picture yourself at the day of the event, do you see people arriving quietly while the surroundings seem like any other day? Know think about the food and ask yourself the same question. What about the arrival hour of the guest and the honored person? Plan and execute as if you were in the party and make questions.

4.- Follow Your Honored Guess Routine

If you are planning a surprise party at your important guess’s house, then think of what he would do on a regular day. Let him follow his own routine and think of his clothing choice for that day. Think of it so when he comes home to hear surprise screams, he would not feel uncomfortable for wearing shorts and a baseball cap. On the other hand, if you are tricking him into going to “friend’s party” think of any important commitments that would make him second guest or cancel the invitation prior the event.

Even though these are practical tips to keep in mind when planning a surprise party, remember to adjust them to both you and your guest of honor’s schedule and possibilities first. The rest will fall into place one you go through with it.

I’m sure that many times you’ve found yourself looking down to your suitcase because you know what’s coming to you. Now, if you are a well-organized type of person that’s great! Many of us need a bit more of time and advice on this type of tasks. To the rest of us, the ones that procrastinate until we can no longer put it off, well this will be a useful article.

Okay, let’s start by trying to put some stuff in order, before I jump and give you valuable advices let’s begin to define the means of transportation. I know you might think that is not at all relevant, but you and I know better to stop this reading at this early point, aren’t we? Right, so airlines have different rules for luggage, weight, and fees. On the other hands, trains, busses and boats also have their own policy. Therefore, get your rules straight and save yourself some nasty and expensive surprises along the hourly way that’s coming ahead of you.

Once we have that covered, then you’ll know exactly how much your suitcase/luggage or carry-on must weight, as well as your handbag, backpack or purse. On that note, you can start planning the rest of your packing on an easier note; let’s start the first one of a few tips I have for you.

I. Think of your time and place

This one perhaps might seem too obvious, but in fact is not that clear for many of us. Actually, if you keep in mind de time you’ll be away and the place to where your going then it gets more evident to pinpoint the things, you’ll need to take with you. Let’s think of an example, if you are going on a one-week vacation trip, then perhaps fifteen socks and underwear is just way too much. I know you get that, and I also know you know that packing an extra pair of underwear and socks is also a good idea but going too far might cost you space and weight.

II. Make a list of your ESSENTIALS

Do not underestimate this simple but powerful advice, keep in mind that many of us have a crazy-like compartment in our brain named “Just in case” and its twin sister “Of course I’ll use it”. You know where I’m going with this but let me walk you a bit further out of denial, you know you will not end up using all those six pairs of shoes. Also, you know there is too much moisturizing, types of sun blockers, earrings and necklaces to pack on that carry on. It’ll get easier if you shut the loca out of the way by putting things down. Think about things you cannot go without, such as toothpaste, toothbrush, passport, reasonable amount of clothes and yes, some earrings and necklaces.

III. Organize your space

There are many tools to use to save space in your luggage right now. Packing cubes are one example, but Ziploc bags are also very useful. Think about it, this are organizers, and in special situations such as sharing one suitcase then you’ll need to know where your things are right away. In addition, take advantage of rolling your clothes instead of folding them, this tip will help you out to save a lot of space! Also, bring more plastic bags for your bathroom flip flops, bathing suits, or leaking liquids, just be prepare. Last but not least, think of a separate quarter-sized plastic bag for your little shampoo bottles, mouth washer and soap; pack this on the top of your carry-on, just in case you might need to take them out. Toiletries are one of those essentials I meant is the previous paragraphs.