Business Travel Success: How to Reduce Stress, Be More Productive and Travel with Confidence

This is the name of a book written by Carol Mangolis, a woman that flies to work. The book was published in 2012 and people as Jack Canfield described it as a bible for business travelers regardless of how many trips you do in a year.  It is indeed a great book that educates employees, self-employees or business people who chose to travel instead of closing deals over an email, a phone call, a video conference or at cam4.

Carol emphases that business travel is a multimillion-dollar industry and that the people who work in this industry need tools to go through this lifestyle without having to lose their sanity, family, relationships or their health. Many of her tips and work are also directed to companies, organizations and governments that have business travelers as employees but don’t have the best organizational platform to deal with what business trips entails, which are travel safety, compliances, taming travel spend and traveler retention for instance.

In this article some of her tips she shared in her book are going to be briefly discussed and see what positive consequences these might have on millions of people who fly to work every week.


This is the number one item to be conscious about when you have to take on a trip. It does not matter if the trip is long or short, or if you are a business person who travels twice a year, safety must always come first. Take into account that you are going to go to a place where you don’t know anyone, you don’t know where to run in case of an emergency and you don’t know how’s the dynamic with simpler things such as transportation or healthcare services. So, your best ally is always planning ahead. Do some research about the place you’re going to travel, and the places you’re going to visit. If possible, know the emergency exists, keep at hand important emergency contacts, find out about how safe the hotel and its surroundings is to know if you can or cannot be late in your hotel entry times.


Another important item to tackle is compliance between employees and corporate travel policy. Generally, firms or corporations have a travel department and if you are their employee, it’s your responsibility to know their policies. These include, airlines, hotel, car rentals etc. There are agreements between hotel chains and certain firms, the same goes with airlines and car rentals if you are traveling by car. Business travelers need to be mindful of the tool the company offers to make your work enjoyable and less expensive.  Also, being aware of these policies do help you make a better choice, if you are applying for a job at a certain firm, so it’s a big red flag if your work will entail business trip but the company does not even have a travel department.


This is more related to employers, how to keep out burnout cases that would force your employee to leave the company. How to take car of your business travelers and help them deal with time for family, kids and family time? These are important questions to ask yourself when you have employees who fly to work. Many of these business travelers do not have important information or tools to stay healthy or live harmoniously and lovingly with their husband or wife due to traveling schedules, or long working hours. So, at the end of the day the company is affected when their employees decide to resign.

Many companies and employers decide to add frequent vacation periods a year or add a family trip a to one or two a business trip a year. These strategies are effective to retain your employer who is also adding value to your company and your business. Many other plans can be made to keep in mind your employee’s relationships.

As you can see, tips like these ones are important in order to meet the needs of a multimillion-dollar industry that is increasing, therefore it has become a very important column to a the EEUU’s economy.

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