Smart Woman Travel

When someone talks about being smart, it generally means that appropriate decisions are being taken after considering several options. Also, it means that the person adopts the right attitude in different circumstances, so when we talk about Smart Woman Travel, we are talking about decisions, considerations and attitudes.

How can a woman be smart when planning occasional trips or even on her recurring traveling events? The answer is she can be both smart and assertive if she takes into consideration her motivations, her goals, prep time and people’s experiences. The last on that list not only can answer a lot of questions during prep time, but it can also lead to a learning process when considering other travelers’ strategies to show respect to the culture that is welcoming you in.

So, here are some tips to consider to be smart when traveling:

1.- If You’re traveling solo

Is not secret to anyone that solo traveling is getting trendy and recurrent, in a big country such as the United Sates research shows that 60% of Americans have traveled solo or are considering to. So, if you are getting close to share that number then there are some stuff to consider.

First, if this is your first time doing a solo trip you might know by now that is a bit challenging, in consequence, prep time becomes extremely important. What I mean by prep time is also time to do some research about your destination, which leads to reading about the culture, avoiding dangerous countries for women where being alone without a man can be a serious issue. Then, go to more practical but important items such as the exchange rate, take a look at your phone plan so you can use it outside your country, and you avoid yourself the trouble of being out of signal all the time.

On the other hand, if this is not your first solo trip, then you know the drill already, but that should not stop you from being smart and consider all your options. Remember to be prepared to be safe as much as possible, keep the local contact emergency, share your itinerary with people you trust so they can know where you are during the day and learn from your past experiences; this translate into pack lighter this time, for example.

2.- Save Money

You can enjoy your trip even more if you can consider your options and chose the best one according to your budget. One of the things you can do to save money is to book in advance. Consider travel seasons as expensive ones so take a look at the plane tickets in six months in advance, or even a year in advance if you can! You would not believe how much money you could save by even booking flights on holidays seasons from six months to a year in advance.

Again, remember that looking at experts-approved travel bloggers who have been doing trips for a long time, is a very smart move. Many of them share their practical traveling gear advices such as how to choose and differentiate a Personal Item luggage versus a Carryon. They would also share their destinations and their experience on important tips such as the cities transportation cities, local great restaurants and tours they take.

3.- Get to know convenient tools for traveling women

Let me explains you why this is important, as women we love to have different outfits, different footwear options and we also like to take care of our skin when we go in long walks. These needs need to be properly addressed with tools made specifically for women. Let’s take travel backpacks for example, if you are taking a long trip to Africa you need a resistant backpack that will help you keep your back safe. One good advice on this matter is look at backpack reviews and see how they have worked for women in their past experiences, think of Osprey, North Face and Granite Gear as useful brands that have very good products.

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