Planning a Surprise Party for Someone You Love

If you are lucky enough to have great people in your life with whom you can celebrate many of your happiest moments, then perhaps it would not be a bad idea to think of giving back. It is well-known that a surprise party is definitely not easy task, but at the end of the day your loved one is worth the effort. So, in this article I am going to give you some tips to think about if you ever find yourself thinking of planning a surprise moment to celebrate.

Here comes the Tips…

1.- If Possible, Take Your Time

I know that this is easier said than done but, even if you don’t have much time to sit and make calls the truth is that if you plan as much details as you can, it will pay off at the end of the day. So, write a list of the essential people who need to be there, where will the party take place, what type of food you are going to offer, what platform you are using to send the invites, what would be the dress code, and most importantly, who is going to be your partner in crime to pull this off?

Trust me, write them down and add the people who will help you make it all happen. Checklist are not to be underestimated, plus it feels pretty good to cross them out and move on to the next one. You know how that feels.

2.- Think of one person to plan this with

This is crucial, planning a surprise party on your own might not be the best move. Think of where are you going to store all the party’s stuffs, who can help you talk to people related to your loved one while you make sure he or she are distracted enough, and last but not least that someone will help you to invest more time in the whole planning process even when you don’t have it. An important extra tip will be choosing someone who is close enough to your loved one will get you closer to success.

3.- Situate Yourself at the day of the party

Visualization is a powerful weapon, it allows you to set your mind on the event day and ask questions that can be solved ahead. So, every time you are going through your checklist and you think of something else to add to that list, think how is that going to make it to the surprise party without giving anything away and meet a specific need?

Start with a parking space for example, how can you make sure everyone parks their vehicle in a safe, conformable, and concealing way? Picture yourself at the day of the event, do you see people arriving quietly while the surroundings seem like any other day? Know think about the food and ask yourself the same question. What about the arrival hour of the guest and the honored person? Plan and execute as if you were in the party and make questions.

4.- Follow Your Honored Guess Routine

If you are planning a surprise party at your important guess’s house, then think of what he would do on a regular day. Let him follow his own routine and think of his clothing choice for that day. Think of it so when he comes home to hear surprise screams, he would not feel uncomfortable for wearing shorts and a baseball cap. On the other hand, if you are tricking him into going to “friend’s party” think of any important commitments that would make him second guest or cancel the invitation prior the event.

Even though these are practical tips to keep in mind when planning a surprise party, remember to adjust them to both you and your guest of honor’s schedule and possibilities first. The rest will fall into place one you go through with it.

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