Pack it up right!

I’m sure that many times you’ve found yourself looking down to your suitcase because you know what’s coming to you. Now, if you are a well-organized type of person that’s great! Many of us need a bit more of time and advice on this type of tasks. To the rest of us, the ones that procrastinate until we can no longer put it off, well this will be a useful article.

Okay, let’s start by trying to put some stuff in order, before I jump and give you valuable advices let’s begin to define the means of transportation. I know you might think that is not at all relevant, but you and I know better to stop this reading at this early point, aren’t we? Right, so airlines have different rules for luggage, weight, and fees. On the other hands, trains, busses and boats also have their own policy. Therefore, get your rules straight and save yourself some nasty and expensive surprises along the hourly way that’s coming ahead of you.

Once we have that covered, then you’ll know exactly how much your suitcase/luggage or carry-on must weight, as well as your handbag, backpack or purse. On that note, you can start planning the rest of your packing on an easier note; let’s start the first one of a few tips I have for you.

I. Think of your time and place

This one perhaps might seem too obvious, but in fact is not that clear for many of us. Actually, if you keep in mind de time you’ll be away and the place to where your going then it gets more evident to pinpoint the things, you’ll need to take with you. Let’s think of an example, if you are going on a one-week vacation trip, then perhaps fifteen socks and underwear is just way too much. I know you get that, and I also know you know that packing an extra pair of underwear and socks is also a good idea but going too far might cost you space and weight.

II. Make a list of your ESSENTIALS

Do not underestimate this simple but powerful advice, keep in mind that many of us have a crazy-like compartment in our brain named “Just in case” and its twin sister “Of course I’ll use it”. You know where I’m going with this but let me walk you a bit further out of denial, you know you will not end up using all those six pairs of shoes. Also, you know there is too much moisturizing, types of sun blockers, earrings and necklaces to pack on that carry on. It’ll get easier if you shut the loca out of the way by putting things down. Think about things you cannot go without, such as toothpaste, toothbrush, passport, reasonable amount of clothes and yes, some earrings and necklaces.

III. Organize your space

There are many tools to use to save space in your luggage right now. Packing cubes are one example, but Ziploc bags are also very useful. Think about it, this are organizers, and in special situations such as sharing one suitcase then you’ll need to know where your things are right away. In addition, take advantage of rolling your clothes instead of folding them, this tip will help you out to save a lot of space! Also, bring more plastic bags for your bathroom flip flops, bathing suits, or leaking liquids, just be prepare. Last but not least, think of a separate quarter-sized plastic bag for your little shampoo bottles, mouth washer and soap; pack this on the top of your carry-on, just in case you might need to take them out. Toiletries are one of those essentials I meant is the previous paragraphs.

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